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I am having a problem with question one. I believe it is B. However I am not sure how that changes the reaction rate compared to A. B keeps the volume of all three samples constant at 60ml. Why does this make a difference in the reaction rate?

Get Answer3/DELLGADChapter 11: Reaction Rates and EquilibriumQuestions1. Suppose you want to study the influence of IO, concentration on the rate of the reaction used inAPart A. Which of the following procedures would be appropriate?a. Use different amounts of KIO3 solution with a constant amount of water and a constant amount ofNaHSOs solution.Bb. Use different amounts of KIO3 solution, constant amounts of NaHSO3 solution, and differentwater amounts to give a constant total amount.c. Use different amounts of KIO3 solution, different amounts of NaHSOs solution, and constantamounts of water.Explain your answer:2. When food is cooked (a chemical reaction), which of the following influences on reaction ratesutilized?a. The influence of reactant concentrationsb.The influence of temperatureThe influence of catalystsExplain your answer: When ford if healed tho molecules male faster Custhollisims and chemical reasons. the Opposite. happens wnan foodkencal reaction slaus daun coursing the food


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