General Instructions For Presentations Here Are Some Broad Guidelines Forprepari

General Instructions for Presentations Here are some broad guidelines forpreparingyourpresentation:

 1. You can use course materials (books, articles,etc.) andoutside sources.But use reliable outside sources. Not Wikipedia. 

2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills throughyour presentation. For example, ifyourtopic is “what is imperialism?” youshould not only give its definition(s),but tell the class much more such as its history; who started it; what are thedifferent views scholars hold; what are the outcomes of imperialism and arethere anyimperial powers intheworld today? Etc. 

3. You shouldusethisframe ofthinking aboutthe treaties and other case studies. For example, if yourtopic is “The Treatyof Paris,” tell us when andwhyit happened? What were its outcomes? Does it have any bearingon thecontemporaryworld?Etc.

4. Alwaystry to relate it to thecentral question ortheme ofthe course:Americanimperialism. Isor has America been animperial power? How andwhy or why not? Why shouldwe believe your argument?

UsePowerPoint. The lesserthetexton slides,thebetter. Use meaningful picturesandtell us thestory yourself.

*Please also add notes i can use to explain my point to the class.

 Reference you may use:

Adam Burns, American Imperialism: The Territorial Expansion of the United States, Oxford University Press/Edinburgh University Press, 2017. 

Stephen Howe, Empire: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford University Press, 2002.


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