Gender Roles P 4 Are Socially Prescribed Behavioral Expectations Based On A Pers

Gender roles(p. 4) are socially prescribed behavioral expectations based on a person’s sex. The upcoming chapters (7-12) will focus on gender in relationships and social institutions.  However, it is important to recognize the power of social roles within these arenas.  Men and women are expected to act in particular ways because they are a man or a woman.  American culture allows a certain amount of flexibility in displaying gender, but an individual who deviates too far from the socially approved roles will experience consequences. 

In this assignment, do some internet research on gender roles in America and another nation (your choice).  Address the following:

  1. Compare and contrast the differences in roles for males and females.
  2. Are the gender roles rigid or open?  Explain.
  3. If they are rigid, what is the sanction for violating a gender role? (Remember, sanctions are not necessarily formal.  Ridicule, ignoring, etc. are types of sanctions.)
  4. If they are open, what social, historical, or political events led to more relaxed gender roles?
  5. In open systems, how do members of the culture express the differences between men and women?

Provide specific examples when answering the questions above. Begin with an introduction to gender roles in the United States and the country you selected.  Address the points above in the body of the paper.  Conclude with a paragraph about the cultural differences in gender roles. 


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