Ge Case Analysis 1 Title Of Case Complete Individual Assignments Of Case Analysi


1.   Title of Case: Complete individual assignments of case analysis for the case of GE. Submit case analyses on Blackboard (Bb) in the SafeAssign DropBox. (Double-digit percent plagiarism will not be accepted and the case will be graded as a ‘zero’.)

2.     Executive Summary (5-6 sentences summary of your report)

3.     Introduction  (Describe the company)

4.     Background (Give the historical event review.  Only use relevant events. Explain why these are relevant to the case analysis.)

5.     Problem Definition

As you will see in the case, GE has had a succession of top management who each brought their particular experiences/skills to the position, putting their own stamp on the strategic direction and resulting success of the company.

Mr. Immelt’s decision to divest GE Capital will result in a need to reinvest large amounts of capital; it represents a major opportunity to reset the direction of the company.

  • What are GE’s target markets?

  • Which, if any, of these target markets, are key to future growth?

  • What courses of action would you recommend to Mr. Immelt?

    • What additional questions would you urge to be explored?

Be precise; support your reasoning for each question.

  1. External Analysis

    1. Choose an appropriate model/approach from the following

      1. PESTEL (cover all 6 factors)

      2. The Five Forces Model (cover all 5 forces)

    2. In addition, address:

      1. Ease of entry

      2. Exit Barriers

Internal Analysis

    1. Discuss Core Competencies

    2. Resource-Based View

    3. VRIO Framework

7.     Action Taken by Firm

8.     Results of Overall Analysis and Interpretation of Results

9.     Your Recommendations     (Justify your reasoning.)

    1. How much will your recommendations impact the firm?

    2. Are they feasible?

    3. Which recommendations did firm follow?

10.  Conclusion


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