Gary Manufacturing Produces And Sells Live Players The Selling Price For A Dvd P

  1. Using the high-low method, what is the variable cost per machine hours?
  2. What is the fixed component of overhead manufacturing costs? 
  3. Write overhead cost function and revenue functions based on your answer in question #1, #2, and information given.
  4. The company use 1200 machine hours to produce 1500 DVDs. Given all information the above, write a cost function of for DVD and draw a graph to show the breakeven point.  .  

Gary’ manufacturing produces and sells LIVE players . The selling price for a DVD player is5 840 . Direct material is 5ZED per each LIVE . The company pay $20 per direct labor hour andeach unit requires 2. 5 direct labor hours . Total overhead costs for the past !{ months are {}follows .Manufacturing OverheadMonthMachines HoursLost’s";January1 15February215March2015124.570April2 201126. 50109May245137. 6501JunIc1401112, 40^July|1711201.650QUIQUIS!125September!101 17. 40101October1351 141010November15.51401115, TED


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