G7 X Fix A B C D E F G H K House Id Street City State Zip Sold Date N 11 12 31

Home Town Realty

You work for a local real estate agency called Home Town Realty. It has a running Excel workbook of all properties it is permitted to show including both sold and unsold properties. The sales people use this workbook as a reference point to see whether houses have sold or new listings are available when out with prospective buyers. You received a new set of listings from another agency and need to add them to your existing workbook.

Perform Preliminary Work

You will make a new worksheet title row to enhance the worksheet’s appearance.

a.   Open 01_test_chap_data1 and save as 01_test_chap_LastFirst.

b.   Type Home Town Realty in cell A1. Merge and center cells A1:H1.

c.    Change the column width of column D to 5.0 characters (40 pixels).

Add Newly Provided Listings

North Hills Properties has provided new listings that need to be added to the existing listings you have on file.

d.   Add a new worksheet named NH Listings.

e.   Open 01_test_chap_data2 and copy the new listings. Close 01_test_chap_data2. Use the Paste option (Keep Source Column Widths) to paste the new listings into the NH Listings worksheet.

f.     You realize the column names do not match your existing listings. Insert a column before Street and enter House ID in A1. Type 112 into cell A2.

g.   Make a formula in cell A3 that increases cell A2 by 1. Use AutoFill to add House ID to each row in the worksheet.

h.   Insert a column before Sold and label it Listing Agency. Add the listing agency in cell F2 as North Hills Properties. Use the AutoFill to fill the remaining Listing Agency fields as North Hills Properties.

i.     Copy cells A2:H5 from the NH Listings worksheet and paste them into cell A13 in the Listing worksheet.

j.     Apply text wrapping to column F so that the entire listing agency name is visible.

Manually Update Records

You are missing house 111 from the list that was sold last week. You need to re-enter the data.

k.    Insert a row after House ID 110 and enter the following information:

·      House ID = 111

·      Street = 1243 Ben Franklin Pkwy.

·      City, State, Zip = Philadelphia, PA 19121

·      Listing Agency = Home Town Realty

·      Sold = Yes

·      Date = 4/12/17

l.     One of the sellers has decided to not sell their property and wants to have their listing removed. Delete the entire row for House ID 108.

Finalize the Workbook

You will add a custom footer and change the page orientation.

m.  Add a custom footer that includes your First Name and Last Name, Instructor Name, and Date.

n.   Set the page orientation to Landscape.

o.   Save and close the file. Based on your instructor’s directions submit 01_test_chap_LastFirst.

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G7XfixABCDEFGHK-House ID StreetCityState ZipSoldDateN1112 3191 Walnut StreetPhiladelphiaPA191043113 234 South StreetPhhiladelphiaPA19111A114 322 Pepper RunCherry HillNJ08002LO115 1121 Easy StreetPhiladelphiaPA19122O)78O1011121314Sheet1Sheet2 Sheet3+Ready160%


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