Fruit Fly Eye Colour Is Normally Red This Is A Dominant Trait And The Gene Contr

Fruit fly eye colour is normally red. This is a dominant trait and the gene contributing to red eye is designated bw+. Some mutations lead to colours other than red. One such mutation gives rise to the recessive brown eye colour encoded by the allele, bw1. If you were investigating fruit fly eye colour, what are the allele and genotype frequencies if there were423 bw+ bw+, 220 bw+ bw1, and 123 bw1 bw1 flies? 

Genotype frequency of bw+ bw+

Genotype frequency of bw+ bw1

Genotype frequency of bw1 bw1

Circle correct answer 

A null hypothesis states that there is / is no difference between observed and expected values. If the calculated Chi-square sum is 4.264, the null hypothesis can be rejected / cannot be rejected since the calculated sum is greater than / less than the critical Chi- square value of _____. When P = 0.05, the difference calculated between the observed and expected values is greater than 5% / less than 5% due to chance alone.

Say a female fruit fly carrying eggs gets blown off course in a windstorm and lands in an isolated area where this particular species is not normally present. She lays her eggs, they hatch and over several generations the population increases.

If you had 2200 flies with 1852 having red eyes and 348 having brown eyes, how many flies would be homozygous dominant red eye? Answer: ______________


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