Forum Description In Class We Learned About 3 Traditional Schools Of Thought Mer

FORUM DESCRIPTION In class, we learned about 3 traditional schools of thought: Mercantilist School, Liberal School, and Marxist School. And in our first debate topic, we read 2 articles about the future of the liberal world order. Now I want a discussion bringing these ideas together. Things to discuss could include, if China is on the way to becoming the next hegemon, do you think that China fits in the Mercantilist or Marxist school and thus could change the world order? In your answer, you can propose what school you think it fits into and why (using Oatley’s description of the key propositions of each school), what does that mean for the world order (by discussing how Oatley says each school answers the “2 broad questions” (as detailed in ch 1 ppt), and maybe even why you think they may be the next hegemon. You can also propose a country other than China or a group of countries. Alternatively, you can post why you think the US will continue as the hegemon and the how the liberal order will continue even as Mercantilist and Marxist countries rise. Again you can use Oatley’s description of the key propositions of each school but argue how they will find a way to work inside the liberal world order. (Ex: If they are Mercantilist and prefer exporting, they may want to be inside the WTO to promote their exports.) Your initial post should be 200-300 words


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