For This Writing Assignment You Are Going To Identify The Specific Needs In Your

 For this writing assignment, you are going to identify the specific needs in yourworkplace or community,my topic is Introducing a youth sports program to a school or community• Identify the decision-maker or group of decision-makers to whom you will write yourfinal report• Describe the specific problem you are attempting to address.• Prepare some primary research for your report.• Write a memo to your instructor using the template provided below• define a problem in your workplace or community persuasively and accurately• propose a solution or solutions to the problem or issueLength of your memo:Your memo should be approximately 1000-1300 words in length. Template for Submitting Your Proposal[Note: Please use the format outlined below. You can copy and paste the template into aWord document. Then you would write in your own text where you see the bracketed bluetextinstructions. Use black text for your memo.]________________To: [Your instructor’s name]From: [Your Name]Date: [Today’s Date]Subject: [Project Title Name]Summary[Provide a brief summary identifying the purpose of writing this memo.]What the Problem Is[In one paragraph, identify and describe the problem to which you are going to propose asolution.]Why This Problem Needs to be Investigated[In one or two paragraphs, describe the reasons you think this problem is important.]Preliminary Ideas for Solving the Problem[In one or two paragraphs, describe alternative approaches to the problem/situation you aredescribing.]What Research Has Been Conducted about the Problem[In one or two paragraphs, describe secondary research you have conducted and primary researchyou have conducted on the problem and solution.Conclusion[In one or two sentences, conclude your memo.]


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