For This Week S Discussion You Will Be Asked To Visit The Legacy Project Website

For this week’s discussion, you will be asked to visit the Legacy Project website, created by Karl Pillemer at Cornell University (referenced in your textbook). This site includes a collection of stories and practical advice from older adults who share meaningful life lessons on a wide range of topics. Follow the directions below to complete this activity.

  • Go to the Legacy Project website by clicking here
  • Scroll down to the BROWSE BY link located on the left hand-side menu.
  • Select a topic that appeals to you by clicking on its respective link (some options presently listed there include: Love and Marriage, Raising Children, Work and Career, Money, How To Be Happy, Faith and Spirituality, Aging Well, Health, Worry and Stress, Staying Connected, Values To Live By, War and Peace, Facing the End of Life, Living With Loss, Compassionate Living, The Lighter Side, Avoiding Regrets)
  • Find a blog entry from the list that appeals to you. After reading and reflecting, write your discussion post following the guided questions below:
  • What was the main idea presented by the blog author?
  • Why does his/her idea appeal to you? (i.e., How does the topic relate to your own life?).
  • What are your personal views on this topic? What is your personal experience with this topic that you are willing to share? How did the blog inform your opinion? (Did it change or was it validated?)
  • How does the blog entry fit into one (or more) of the models or concepts studied in this week’s assigned textbook chapter? (i.e., Jung’s Psychoanalytic Perspective, Erikson’s Psychosocial Model, Self-Concept and Self-Esteem, Successful Aging, Resilience, etc.)
  • Discuss how you see the role of the Legacy Project in the context of our society. What benefits can it offer? What limitations, if any? Be specific and provide examples.
  • Explain what connections you have been able to make between the concepts studied in this week’s assigned readings and the content presented in this video lecture
  • Follow the grading rubric for discussion board posts and follow-up comments to complete this activity. 

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