For This Portion Of The Final Project You Will Create And Submit A Powerpoint Pr

For this portion of the final project you will create and submit a PowerPoint Presentation based on Community Service and Corporate Social Responsibility.  It fulfills the following course competencies:

Explain the role of a business as a citizen and its social responsibility to its various stakeholders.

Evaluate the legal, ethical and social implications of business decisions and their impact on various individuals, groups and societies.

To prepare for this portion of the project you should participate in at least one hour of community service or make a donation of food, new or used clothing, or money to a charitable organization.  Some possibilities include:1.   Feed My Starving Children (service)2.   Helen’s Hope Chest (Clothing and goods donations)3.   Mesa Market (on-campus food pantry for MCC students; accepting food and toiletries donations)4.   Mesa United Way (service opportunities and donations)5.   United Food Bank (food and money donations)6.   Paz de Christo (service opportunities)

You do not have to serve through one of these organizations. This list is intended to give you some ideas but you may choose one of your own. If you are not sure about whether or not your organization qualifies, please feel free to ask. It most likely does.

Directions – Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

A. Several slides (3-4) showing what you did to become civically engaged through community service. This should include a slide about the organization you served, a slide or slides about what you did for the organization, and a slide or slides explaining your opinions on the importance of individuals serving in the community. Pictures and other visuals are encouraged.

B. Several slides (3-4) discussing other opportunities you can identify in your community for civic engagement through service. Outline how you might go about addressing these problems on your own or with others if given the opportunity and resources. Include pictures if appropriate.

C. Several slides (3-4) illustrating what an existing business does to be a socially responsible citizen. This will require some Internet research on your part but should be fairly easy to find. Many businesses are recognizing the importance of giving back to the community and are doing so through environmental, humanitarian and charitable efforts. Include some of the information they give out through their website including pictures, graphs etc. if they can be shared.

D. Several slides (3-4) giving your ideas and opinions on the importance of social responsibility in business. For these slides you may want to refer to Chapter 42 of the textbook that deals with this topic. Explain you position on whether or not businesses should care about things other than making money for themselves and for their shareholders and to what extent.

You will not be penalized for including more slides than required but will not receive full credit for submitting less.


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