For This Discussion Board Please Answer The Following Questions Over The Swimmer

For this discussion board, please answer the following questions over “The Swimmer” in paragraph format. Be sure to include evidence from the story in the form of quotes or paraphrases in your answer.

  1. What does Neddy intend to accomplish?
  2. How is the passage of time shown throughout the story?
  3. Think about the image of water or liquids in the story and think about the title. What might be implied here in relation to the main character?
  4. Are there any other stories that The Swimmer reminds you of? If so, why?

As always, please respond to at least two of your peers, and make sure you meet the minimum word requirements. When responding, try to add more information to your peers’ answers. What other evidence did you find that your peers did not? Where you surprised by anything anyone said? Why or why not? 

original post 250 min. each reply is 100 each.


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