For This Assignment You May Choose To Start Doing One Healthy Thing Or You May C

For this assignment, you may choose to start doing one healthy thing or you may choose to give up one unhealthy thing for 3 days. You may choose the health behavior you wish to focus on. If the ideas below do not appeal to you, you are free to think of something else, but please make it relatively challenging. We will learn about many ways that health and interpersonal communication intersect. For your report, keep track of any troubles you had adhering to this new behavior regimen. Also keep track of the things that made it easier for you to change. Focus specifically on the role that others—your friends, family, coworkers—played in influencing your adherence. Did other people help you to develop or break your habit, or did they tempt you to fall back into unhealthier behavior? Did others’ opinions of your behavior matter? What kinds of conversations did you have about the health behavior, and how did that affect your adherence? Be sure to pay attention to both the direct and the indirect ways that others influenced your health behavior.

Output: Reflection paper 2-3 pages double spaced. References must be cited using APA manual.


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