For The Papers In The Literature Review Focusing On The 2 3 Most Closely Related

For the papers in the literature review, focusing on the 2-3 most closely related papers, describe not only what the papers do but their shortcomings. Explain which papers you find most convincing and whether you do/don’t believe their results. 

Identify where more research is needed to answer your bigger question and what kind of data or “natural experiments” are needed to make progress. For example, if your question is, “Why does moving to a better neighborhood improve a student’s outcomes?”, perhaps one useful thing would be a natural experiment that varied both the neighborhood and the school or just the school so that you could identify if the value of moving came from better schools or other aspects of the neighborhood. 

Given the areas where more research is needed, what would be the ideal experiment and/or data set to make progress on this issue? How could this ideal experiment or data set be approximated by a research in the real world and what assumptions would need to be true for the feasible data or experiment to produce a good answer to your question (e.g. what would have to be true to obtain unbiased estimates)? 

use the articles below and also other sources on the website

give positive opinion about this topic and do not let professor think this paper is not my writing( fourth grade international student)

give me turnitin result and cite carefully


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