For The Following Transgenic Plant Select One Of The 5 Possible Outcomes A Throu

For the following transgenic plant, select one of the 5 possible outcomes (a through e) and provide a one-sentence justification for the answer.   The answer should state why the transgene will or will not affect the signalling pathway to lead to the predicted outcome.  

Note: ACC synthase is a gene for Ethylene biosynthesis

The interactions between the different genes in ethylene signaling is below:

ETR1,2; ERS1,2: EIN4 (receptors) -> CTR1 -| EIN2 -> EIN3 -> Response

Possible outcomes:

a) Tomatoes that ripen normally

b) Tomatoes that ripen prematurely on the vine

c) Tomatoes that ripen only if ethylene is absent

d) Tomatoes that never ripen, even if given ethylene

e) Tomatoes that ripen only if given ethylene externally


(Antisense of ACC synthase)


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