For The Following Items Find The Article That Matches Using Psyclnfo Write Down

For the following items, find the article that matches using Psyclnfo. Write down the information you would need to produce an entry in an APA style reference list. This would include the names of the authors (last name and the initials for the first and middle names), the year of publication, the full title of the article, the name of the journal, the volume number of the journal, and the page numbers. Use the space below as a worksheet. For APA reference format (see chapter 16 in the Bordens & Abbott text and the Monash University guidelines for Citation & References (see the attachment) for examples of proper formatting for different sources). Finally, create a an APA formatted Reference list (see p503-507 in B&A). Each question must be at least 150 words. 1. Roediger & McDermott (1995) Creating false memories.Complete APA reference format for above article:2. Laney et al (2008) Asparagus a love storyComplete APA reference format for above article:3. Levine, Jankovic, & Palij (1982) Spatial problem solvngComplete APA reference format for above article:


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