For Every Customer We Need To Store Their Name Address Email A Unique Login Name

For every customer, we need to store their name, address, email, a unique login name, a 

password and a balance. Balance is the amount of money not yet invested in any mutual fund. We would 

also like to keep track of the customer’s allocation preferences based on which assets are allocated. This 

allocation is used whenever a new amount is deposited in the iSuper account: it is invested in shares based 

on the allocation preferences expressed as percentages. A customer must specify at least one preference. 

Many customers may specify the same mutual fund as their preference. A customer also owns a number of 

shares for a particular mutual fund represents an association between the customer and mutual fund. 

Customers are allowed one single monthly change to their allocation preference and it takes effect

immediately. This means that only one single update for a particular customer is allowed for the current 

month. The single monthly change is to be maintained and enforced at all times. Customers are free to 

distribute their allocation in any way they want as long as the total of allocations adds up to exactly 100%

for this information, can you help me to make a ER diagram?


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