For Each Of The Following Names Choose The Correct Formula Sulfite Ion Ii Phosph

  1. For each of the following names, choose the correct formula.

i. Sulfite ion

ii. Phosphoric acid

iii. Hydrosulfuric acid

i, ii, iii

A.SO32–, H3PO4, HS

B.SO42–, H2PO4, HS

C.SO42–, H2PO4, H2S

D.SO32–, H2PO4, H2S

E.SO32–, H3PO4, H2S

2. Which of the following name-formula pairs is/are incorrect?

i. Bromous acid, HBrO2

ii. Nitrate ion, NO3–

iii. Periodate ion, IO3–

iv. Hydrofluoric acid, HFl

v. Telluric acid, H2TeO3 (tellurium, Z = 52)

A.i and ii

B.iii and iv

C.iv and v

D.i, ii, and iii

E.iii, iv, and v

3. Which of the following name-formula pairs is/are correct?

i. HSeO3–, hydrogen selenite ion (Z = 34)

ii. HSO4–, hydrogen sulfite ion

iii. H2PO4–, bihydrogen phosphate ion

iv. HCO3–, hydrogen carbonate ion

A.i only

B.iii only

C.iv only

D.i and ii

E.i and iv

4.Which one of the following compounds is ionic?





none of the above


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