For An Ideal Gas Calculate The Following Quantities A The Pressure Of The Gas If

For an ideal gas, calculate the following quantities. (a) The pressure of the gas if 0.115 mol occupies 257 mL at 15°C. 1 atm(b) The temperature (in kelvins) at which 0.0260 mol occupies 3.00 L at 0.593 atm. 2 K(c) The number of moles in 1.00 L at -6°C and 715 torr. Remember 1atm = 760 torr.3 mol(d) The volume occupied by 4.72 10-3 mol at 20.°C and a pressure of 1.17 kPa. Remember 1 atm = 101.325 kPa4 L


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