First When You Are Reading Our Textbook And Materials Record Your Reactions And

  1. First, when you are reading our textbook and materials, record your reactions and insights through independent note-taking during or immediately after reading, viewing, and listening.
  2. Next, join one or more conversations on specific topics. You will contribute a minimum total of one primary post and two responses for the week. Each primary post will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
    1. It has been completed on time: 11:59p.m. Mondays.
    2. It consists of 1-3 detailed, well-written paragraphs and is approximately 250 words in length (using Microsoft Word’s Word Count). Don’t forget to spell-check and proofread!
    3. It presents a focused, supported insight that directly addresses the forum topic(s) and has not been written about yet. Posts should use cited quotations and concepts from the text to explain and support ideas. Remember to use in-text citations in the MLA style.
  3. To gain additional insight into the assigned works, read through other student’s posts as they appear during the week. You may want to take notes on these ideas, too. Alternatively, you could print out a particular discussion thread or an entire forum. As you read the ideas of others, respond to two primary posts. Reponses should attempt to take an idea further or approach a topic from a new direction. They may be shorter than primary posts (around 150 words), but avoid simply agreeing or saying “Good job” – these types of responses do not deepen the discussion and will not receive credit.

Primary posts are worth up to 10 points each, and each week’s set of responses will also be worth up to 10 points, for a total of 20 points each week. All responses must be completed by 11:59 p.m. each Wednesday.

Note: Bonus points may be award to students who make valuable contributions to the discussion forum, such as helping other students or sharing relevant websites, events, etc., with the class.

Discussion Prompt:

  1. Select a single piece of free-standing sculpture (you may include pedimental sculpture) that you believe best reflects the stylistic principles of Greek art from the Classical period. Describe these principles and how the work reflects them. The example must be from Chapter 2. Use specific terms in your answer.
  2. Discuss the evolution of relief sculpture. How did it reflect the political motivations of the period? What does relief sculpture tell us about the society of Greece in the ancient world? Use specific examples to support your essay.

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