First Let S Start With A Question Based On What You Have Learned So Far This Ter

First, let’s start with a question based on what you have learned so far this term:

  • Before we can begin to consider a new vision, we must explore the social injustices that are often embedded in even well-intended preventive and treatment initiatives. Based on what you have learned this term, what social injustices need to be addressed?

Now meaningfully applying your readings and videos for the rest of this week, let’s brainstorm evidence-based approaches to promote a new vision for the field of PTSD prevention and treatment:

  • What types of PTSD-focused information, education and services should be available to the general public? Consider what critical components should be a part of these initiatives and how the public should be made aware of their existence.
  • In an ideal response system, what role should governments and/or global organizations should play in maximizing long-term prevention and best practices for the treatment for PTSD? How about us as members of our own communities?

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