Firm 1 And Firm 2 Manufacture Blankets They Compete In Quality Given Their Payof

please help me solve this question on Nash Equilibrium.

Firm 1 and Firm 2 manufacture blankets. They compete in quality. Given theirpayoff matrix, identify each’s best response to its rival’s actions. What is the Nashequilibrium? Suppose that if Firm 1 chooses high and Firm 2 chooses low (the upper rightcorner), Firm 1 receives $4. If Firm 2 picks low, then Firm 1 should pick |:|, if Firm 2 picks medium,then Firm 1 should pick E, and if Firm 2 picks high, then Firm 1 should pick :. If Firm 1 picks low, then Firm 2 should pick |:l, if Firm 1 picks medium,then Firm 2 should pick V , and if Firm 1 picks high, then Firm 2 should What is the Nash equilibrium? The Nash equilibrium is for Firm 1 to pick |:| and for Firm 2 to pick @- LowFirm 2 Medium High Low Firm 1 Medium High QQ lZl


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