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LAB : Blood Spatter  – When completed, submit results by selecting “SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT” above.

Download the lab which the instructor has provided and read it

Blood spatter Lab-1.pdfActions

This week you will do calculations.  Read every page of the lab and then try to carry out the calculations.

  • Do your best and submit your conclusion about what happened in this case on the next page.
  • Using the two main formulas in the lab, calculate the Area of Origin and Area of Convergence for the following case:

You are an Investigator for the State in Corrections.  Two men are locked in a cell overnight.  In the morning one man is dead and the other man claims he was attacked in the middle of the night by the decease, who was wielding a portion of a “broken-off” wooden mop handle.  There is one area of impact on the deceased’s head.  What do your calculation suggest?

Use the formulas on pages 8 and 11

Finding angle of impact

  • The sine of the Angle of Impact = width divided by the length.
  • Sine i = Width / Length of blood drop
  • Length of blood drops = 0.877 inch
  • Width of blood drop = 0.5 inches (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Angle of impact =  ________ ?

TAN i = H/D

  • i = angle of impact (from above formula)
  • D = distance from blood drops to area of convergence, given below
  • H = unknown distance above target surface

Find Area of Origin

H = TAN i * D

  •  Angle of impact = i = (from 1st calculation) in degrees
  • Distance to the Area of Convergence (AOC) = D = 30 inches
  • H =?

What does the height from the origin of the blood tell us?

If you have a documented visual impairment, please describe what factors one would need to consider to determine Area of Origin and Area of Convergence?



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