creenshots may be used in your slides to support your explanations.

You will complete several steps for this assignment.
Step 1: You will become familiar with an assessment tool (AChecker)  to examine Web accessibility for a couple Web sites. This is a freely  available tool that you can learn about by reviewing the tutorial found  here.
Step 2: Select two Web sites that are somewhat similar in  functionality. Find one that you think is good and one that you think is  bad. Whether or not the Web site is good or bad is based upon your own  personal perspective.
Step 3: Examine the Web sites regarding your suggestions as to how they might be improved.
Step 4: Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes 10-12 slides  with voice recording that presents your recommended improvements.  Discuss the good and bad factors of each Web site. Discuss how a sample  task is supported on each of the Web sites. Describe how the Web site  can be redesigned or revised to achieve better results.
The requirements for the presentation are as follows:
Title slide
Introduction to the 2 Web sites
Comparison of the 2 Web sites
Explanation of how to improve the sample task
Listing of recommended improvements
Information regarding anticipated localization and globalization factors
Summary and conclusions
At least 3–5 references
Be sure to consider the following:
Screenshots may be used in your slides to support your explanations.
Remember, your presentation must include both the slides and the audio to present the content.
Include a title slide and APA format on citations used in the  presentation with a closing references slide. Use proper design  regarding elements (fonts, color, images, etc.) on your slides.
Use the Record Slide Show option to present the information on each  slide and record your verbal explanations for each item. Please refer to  the following for more detailed instructions on recording your voice on  a PowerPoint slide:
How to Record Voice Narration for Your PowerPoint 2016 Presentation
Use AChecker, research literature, and your textbook to support your redesign or revision recommendations.
Please submit your assignment.
For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.


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