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Scientific Computing Course

Research Paper Guideline:

Due date: 

USA Eastern Standard Time (EST) : June. 8th, 1:00pm, 2020.  (Due in 65 hours)   


Paper Must Follow IEEE standard (Please see the attached Sample Paper Format). 

Paper should be 6 pages. 

Font times roman 10, single spacing.

Research Paper Instructions:

– You are required to search for research articles and related information on one of the applications of scientific computing in a selected domain, then to write a research paper that reviews all related concepts and techniques for the selected application area.

– You are required to produce a research paper that critically discuss, review the existing works and propose your analysis regarding your selected application of scientific computing techniques in solving real-world problems. Here is a good source about the content and the structure of a generic research paper(

– You have to find at least 4 related journal/conference articles from e.g. IEEE, ACM or any referred journal or conference publication related to your selected domain.

– You are free to select any application area as long as you are implementing at least one of main of the concepts of the course.

Below is course concepts (please implementing/choose one related topic to the research paper):

Math Modeling and Problem Solving
Programming and Software
Approximations and Round-Off Errors
Truncation Errors and the Taylor Series (Project assigned)
Roots of Equations
How to do research and Cyber Security Research Sample
Numerical Linear Algebra: Guass Elimination
Numerical Linear Algebra
Design algorithms
Parallel Computation and Hybrid Memory Research Sample

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