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Academics Tutors Guarantees

We understand that juggling up personal life, assignments, and exams can be overwhelming. Students are sometimes mistaken to imagining that they can handle their assignments a night before the submission date. Such students will often have stressful and sleepless nights and may end up not finishing the assignments in good time. It would be more problematic if you found that you do not have the required skills for writing that paper. We are here to help you manage the demanding college life. We are a team of writing wizards that help you get that top quality essay you’ve always wanted.

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Zero Plagiarism

Academics Tutors papers are crafted by experienced writers from scratch. The writers have extensive experience in researching and writing and always write your papers from scratch. The papers contain in-text citations and a reference page. We also scan the papers using professional plagiarism checkers.

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High-Quality Papers

Our experts are highly qualified and experienced in researching and writing. We, therefore, guarantee top-quality papers. Once a writer has completed writing your paper, our quality assurance expert stake over to check for plagiarism, grammatical mistakes and the general quality of the paper, before sending it to you.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Should something go wrong with your order, we will refund your money. Money refund guarantee at academics tutors is meant to refund customers if our papers do not satisfy them even after revisions. Besides, we will refund you if you paid twice for the same order by mistake. We ensure that your money is safe with us.

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Free Unlimited Revisions

Once you receive your order, check if you need a revision. At Academics Tutors, we offer free unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. However, clients must not compromise the original instructions of the paper. If you change the original instructions, the paper will be treated as a new order and normal charges will apply.

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100% Confidentiality

When you use our service, nobody else will know that you did. We treat your persona information as extremely confidential. All our team members have signed a non-disclosure agreement to prevent them from sharing your personal details to unauthorized parties. While using our services, you remain anonymous to our writers.

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Reliable Communication

Once we take your order, we allow you to freely communicate with your writer to get the progress updates for your order. At Academics tutors, we have a very active customer care service that is active 24/7. You can call or email us to enquire or ask questions at any time regardless of the day or time of the day.

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We Only select the Best Experts

A good, personal relationship with our customers is very important to us. Despite the fact that we try to keep our prices as low as possible, we, therefore, pursue high goals in terms of support and quality. As soon as a customer contacts us, he is assigned a personal project manager who acts as a permanent contact person within the framework of the cooperation. The project manager confirms the orders and also monitors their execution. He answers all questions from the customer and offers support with possible problems.

Offering the highest possible quality to our customers is one of our most important principles. We, therefore, check the masterly in English language and technical quality of the freelancers in our database very carefully. As a first step, we check the qualifications of academic freelancers at Academics Tutors by verifying their academic papers as well as their résumés. Then they send us text samples and previous work they have done to check their actual skills. The writers who pass these two hurdles are given a test that meets the requirements of an average job. The result is assessed by our reviewers, who then inform us about the pass or failure. On this basis, we make a careful selection.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

We are Determined to Offer Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Academics TutorsFor your academic success, direct communication between you and your writer is very important to us. We understand “academic online writing” in the form of taking you academically by the hand and successfully writing your paper with you. Based on your requirement profile, we will find the right writer for you, be it for your dissertation, diploma thesis, master’s thesis, master’s thesis, bachelor thesis, term paper, seminar paper, project work, or business plan. Let our expert writers and academics help you with your thesis! We guarantee that all of your data will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

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Want to see online assignment help services experts work on your paper? Place an order now.

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